Social Media for Social Good Academy 2020

The essential, step-by-step blueprint for taming the social media chaos, building a community of fans that rave about you, and getting your work day back on track

What you absolutely need to know:

1) This course is only open to 100 students. 

2) You will get LIFETIME access to the course - which means you can take it again, year after year, if you so desire! 

3) I'm not sure if I will offer it again in 2020, but I do know this - when/if I do offer it again, it will be at a much different price point!  

What is Social Media for Social Good Academy?

It's the essential, step-by-step blueprint for taming the social media chaos, building a community of fans that rave about you, and getting your work day back on track.

Distilled into a simple system you can follow without overwhelm! 


This 6-week training program is the result of my 20 years of nonprofit experience, including 10 years speaking to and consulting with nonprofits of all sizes. What's inside this course: 

6 training modules taught LIVE each week by Julia - Valued at $4,000

5 hours of on-demand video BONUS trainings - Valued at $2,000

Weekly live Q&A sessions to answer all your burning questions - Valued at $2,500

Action-packed checklists, worksheets, and resource guides for each Module to keep you on track, progressing, and taking action - Valued at $3,000

Exclusive Facebook community just for students, to give you deeper support and peer guidance - Valued at $1,000

Total value: $12,500 

Cost of lifetime access to the course: $347

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14-day no questions asked refund policy 

Inside of Social Media for Social Good Academy, you will have the opportunity to join me for a live weekly training via Zoom, or to view the recording after at your convenience if you can’t make it live. Submit your questions in the Academy Facebook Group at any time and we will answer them on the Facebook Live Q&As! 

This is not a course where you download a bunch of videos and PDFs in one lump. I deliver live training once per week along with live Q&A sessions to help you stay focused and on track, and to eliminate overwhelm (which I’m sure you have enough of)!  

If you take longer to get through certain portions, no worries at all! You will have LIFETIME access to this content and Facebook Group support and community. 

Course Syllabus

Welcome Nonprofit Rock Star!

Welcome to the adventure and the journey that is Social Media for Social Good Academy! I could not be more thrilled to have you here. Read on to see how this all works and when live sessions are scheduled.

Module 1: What Are We Here For, Anyway? Gaining Clarity Around Goals, Audience, and Message

In Module 1, we will build a strong framework for your social media marketing plan by setting goals, identifying target audiences, and creating a compelling message just for them. What we will cover in the weekly live training: How to set the overall strategic vision for your social media marketing. How to clearly articulate your goals. How to identify the groups of people that you need to reach and engage. How to identify your target audience(s) - the ones you already have in your community,

Module 2: Where Should We Be On Social Media? The Fast Track Formula

In Module 2, we will evaluate several of the most popular platforms and choose the best social media platforms for you, using a formula you can utilize over and over again. What we will cover in the weekly live training: How to select the best social media platforms for your nonprofit (based on each platforms’ strengths, weaknesses, and target demographics). How to do a quick assessment of the most popular social media channels for your nonprofit goals based on their unique strengths and we

Module 3: What Should We Post? How to Design a Social Media Content Strategy that Slays

Thank you for joining us for Module 3! In Module 3, we will design a content strategy for your nonprofit. What we will cover in the weekly live training: How to create and curate great content your audience will love. How to build a following and keep momentum. The 6 Pillars of social media content that will build your following and engage your community. Julia’s Content Remix Recipe. Tools to help you with content creation, curation, and organization.

Module 4: When and How Often? Creating and Managing Your Kick Butt Social Media Calendar

Thanks for joining me for Module 4! The webinar video replay is here:

Module 5: Are We Getting Results? How to Track Your Efforts with Analytics

Thanks for joining me for Module 5! The webinar video replay is here:

Module 6: How to Control the Chaos? Time Management and Productivity in A Demanding Job

Thanks for joining me for Module 6! The webinar video replay is here:


Here's where I will add in bonuses along the way! Stay tuned...
Julia is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her material. And she makes you feel like you CAN really accomplish great things! — Veronica Accardo, College Bound Opportunities
Having never attempted a storytelling or social media campaign before, Julia's presentation left me feeling empowered and eager to dive into storytelling, confident that I now have the tools needed to make it fun and engaging for our donors. Great session! — Janice Brown McPhillips, Holly Hope Farm
I am a 35 year fundraising veteran… you just put on one of the most complete, comprehensive talks about a fundraising tactic that I have ever seen. — David Bubis, Director of Philanthropy, Public Counsel
I am new to this kind of marketing so I am now thinking in entirely different, concrete terms about how to proceed. I am confident that the information I got today is going to help enormously. — Stasha Miller, Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region
I really enjoyed and learned so much today in your training. I attend many of these and I must say, yours was the best I have attended. — Terrianne Zeifman, Development Consultant, The Children’s Inn at NIH
I was really excited after your presentation and I immediately got to work on changing my social media strategy. My first FB post since I saw you speak has the most interaction I’ve had since I joined our company! I focused on a donor story and people LOVED it. — Dana L. Hoffman, Marketing & Events Specialist, Bethany Home
Your training (and subsequent webinars, tips, tools, and inspiring emails) were exceedingly helpful. I started in social media, and have moved on to more general marketing and individual donor management, but learning from you was absolutely crucial in my comms development and sticking to it in the nonprofit world. When I lead trainings at work, one of the first thought experiments is to establish urgency and importance with "what if the doors closed tomorrow?" Got it from you, and I love it. — Brian K. , Communications Director
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